Logging with Time

I’m beginning to plan out a new project, based some of the things I’ve been doing to manage time for my capstone course at Grand Valley State University. As part of the capstone course, students are required to log the amount of time they spend on a project, and the running total.

That’s pretty simple, but in the long term, it would be more interesting to associate more information than just time in a format that I can use to categorize and analyze, and be able to use it for more than just time tracking. For that end, I’ll start with defining a time metadata set in JSON:

  start: "",
  end: "",
  title: "",
  description: "",
  project: [
      name: "",
      issue: ""
  category: [],
  with: [
    { name: "", contact: "" }

I’ll be able to keep track of what kind of activity I’m doing with my time, who I’m doing it with, and if I’m spending time on a project, the particular projects. I can run analysis on my time and figure out where I’m distributing my efforts, and figure out if there’s anything to eliminate since due to lack of engagement, or if there’s anything I need to balance out.

I can also feed use this to feed into a project tracker like redmine (or build my own as well), and count this time towards personal work (I use GitHub + ZenHub at school, and JIRA at work).

In order make it easier to keep track of time, I can write a mobile app (offline first!), and have it synchronize with an API running on my Digital Ocean droplet or one of my Raspberry Pis.